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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I am sure I have a picture of a Fantasy class ship with some cove balconies. I was surprised to see them myself, but there they were. I took it in Nassau.
Im also 100% sure only Dream class has cove balconys. You might have seen the Fantasy class ships that had balconys added and hung off the hull and think these are called cove balconys. Cove balconys are a new concept from Carnival and being new to this class of ship, thats why they are so popular.

It is true that the Fantasy class ships that have the new added balconys, they are on decks, 5, 6 and 7 (and bottom deck on Fantasy class is deck 4) so they do start the same place .. but they look different and are just called balconies on Fantasy class ships that did not have balconys before (4 Fantasy class ships now have the new added balconys).

cove balconys, the hull is part of the structure of the balconys. The balconys on Fantasy class added were hung off the outside of the hull... cove balconys are very enclosed, but have a big circle to look thru. I'm kinda confused now what you are asking about. Cove balcony is a specific category. Go look at Dream or Magic and pretend to book and you will see it listed as a 7A.

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