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Thank you for the information!

We have now browsed RCCL excursion page and find out what we shall book.

I have some questions about what time on Labadee.

We want to book this two:
1. Wave Jet Tour
2. Dragons Breath Flight Line

We would like to do these two excursion directly on the morning when we arrive at Labadee. We arive at dock 08.00 AM, is it to early to book the 08.00 AM tour? Where will we the find the instructor?

If we take the 08.00 AM wave jet tour (last 1 hour). When is it safe to book the Zip-line to not miss the time? Is it a long walk from the dock or how is it? Do you have to book the zip-line onliine or can you wait till you get there?

We want to do these two excurson directly on the morning so we can relax some hours on the beach also

Last question is about Fallmouth. We have almost decided to go for the "Grand Jamaica & Dunns River Falls, FY38". Has anyone tried this? What do you guys think, it seemes to be a great excursion

Once again we are very thankful for all information we can get
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