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Well, I am a true NCL loyalist even though I have cruised on all mass marketed lines so I do want to say I am slightly prejudice on the subject. That being said, the Sun is my favorite ship, period, not just my favorite NCL ship. She is the perfect size, her cabins are nice sized and the crew is super friendly. we will be cruising her for the 3rd time (eastern Caribbean) in Feb. The food is good, but no cruise line has the quality of food they did years ago. I think NCL has better food, especially the buffets than RCI, but food is so subjective. The choice of specialty dining rooms make it fun. No one has to plan on eating in extra charge dining rooms; it is just nice to know they are available. One of our favorite places to enjoy a little food and drink is Las Rambles, it is a bar that has tapas every evening and you can just about make a meal out of the tapas. (no charge) I will add, the ship isn't as glitzy as some ships.

I just noticed, I had already responded to the question: oh well I did it again.

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