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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
My thoughts are real - I don't believe it was a virus that caused the sickness problems on the vessel; norovirus IMHO was a convenient scapegoat.
Well, it was verified as Norovirus, Genotype II. CDC Report.

In checking the database, I note the vessel has not filed any data for 3 years - fact.
Reports are filed but it is the CDC who decides whether to post them on their website, not Princess. As I said in a previous post, there is a 2% threshold of ill passengers/crew that determines which type of report is filed. Less than 2% and no further reported cases means a routine report is filed and that is the end of it. Again, the ships are using CDC reporting requirements. Also, ships that do not enter U.S. ports obviously are not under the auspices of the CDC.
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