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Originally Posted by You View Post
I try to be as considerate as I can be when I fly. I don't recline my seat but maybe a few inches and if it's an hour or hour and half flight, I wouldn't normally recline it hardly at all. I agree with Norm re/ the lawsuit but doubt you would get far. And too I agree with Todd, although his method of having "Vinnie " handle the situation would certainly put an end to the problem, it's impractical to break a leg, no matter how much you would like to!
I generally do not recline my seat when I fly. When I'm tired enough to doze off in flight, I despise being awakened by a flight attendant about a half hour before I really need to wake up just to put my seat back in the full upright position for landing.

Originally Posted by You
And Luanne, I agree with you too that in a lot of cases the children have a hard time flying--their ears hurt, it's very uncomfortable for a small child to be confined in such tight quarters with little or no room to move about. That's hard on them and they respond in the only way they know how--they become squirmy, restless and cry. Many times the parents simply don't seem to have the good sense to properly handle the kids and offer help and comfort, all to the agitation of the child and other passengers.
When travelling with infants and toddlers, always give them a bottle or a "sippy cup" of water or juice during both ascent and descent. Swallowing the beverage relieves the pressure across their eardrums and thus eliminates the associated anguish.

For children who are a bit older, a piece of hard candy or a cough drop will work in the same way.

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