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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
Hi Annie, check out the CDC Travelers' Health - CDC website. You can find the inspections, etc., of every ship.

When you think of the many people who cruise, very few get the noro virus. It happens all the time in schools, nursing homes, camps, etc., but it's only a big deal when people on a cruise come down with it! While I surely don't want it, it's really just "stomach flu". It lasts about 2 days and then it's over. Of course, 2 days out of a cruise is a big deal to the person who has it!

The best thing you can do is to wash, wash, wash, your hands and use the disinfectant provided before eating in the MDR or the Buffet.
The ship I will be cruising on next month has a rating of 96 out of 100. The ship for my last cruise has a 99 .I read that any ship with a rating of under 86 is a cause for concern.
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