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Default Do the Elderly and older group not realize that the young are on there vacation as...

I am new around here but i popped my head in here as i am just searching around anyways i have seen a lot of complaints about the kids and young people on cruises and how its there vacation and so on so forth but do the older/elderly not realize us kids are on the same vacation you are on? What gives you the right to be mean and rude to us or do things that are breaking the rules and such yet if we do it its WW3 and we need to be locked away in our rooms or not be allowed on cruises. Just some thought i am 21 and i have dealt with the elderly being rude and obnoxious and arrogant to me and others when i have gone on cruises and i don't think just because you are older it gives you the right to be mean or rude. Sorry just my Opinion. Its a pet peve of mine i hate the sence of entitlement some have.
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