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Default Returned from Liberty 6/4/11 Cruise: Great time


My family (DD,SIL,GD,GS and wife) just returned from the Carnival Liberty and overall had a great time. The ship is in overall good shape and the staff was excellent. The grandkids loved Camp Carnival and it was hard to get them to leave. My granddaughter even wanted to do the late night "Slumber Party". After three days of begging we relented and allowed her to go. The kids are there from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.. She loved it but none of us got any sleep that night. Between Dad and Grandpa checking up on her every hour or so and then waiting until the counselor returned her at 3:15 a.m. we were all pretty worn out. No one was awake before 10 the next morning. Good thing it was a sea day.

There were a large number of kids on the cruise and the pools and water slides were the busy place but not too rowdy.

We had Your Time Dining and really liked it. Almost every night we had the same wait team with Antonio as our head waiter. We ate between 6 and 7 every night but had no standing reservation. The wait team was as excellent and efficient as you would expect in traditional dining and better than many teams we've had.

Cabin steward did his job but you could tell that the stewards have more cabins assigned to them and spend less time on each cabin.

Definitely did see cutbacks in the food. The food was overall fine but there are fewer higher quality cuts of meat and fish. The Flat Iron Steak, while edible, is not a good cut and unless you order it rare/medium rare it is tough.

Also the dessert menu, in the main dining room, has been cut with only two new offerings each night and the every night offerings of Chocolate Melting Cake, fruit, ice cream and cheese. I'm sorry but I have never been a real fan of Chocolate Melting Cake. It is too inconsistent. It can be almost a pudding to a hard chunk of cake. Ice cream was always my "go to" dessert.

The only disappointments were: The balcony partition between the connecting staterooms that we had (6283/6285) could not be opened. It would block one of the doors. I had been assured, prior to booking, that it could be opened. It's a bit silly to have connecting cabins with a balcony partition that can't be opened. It really didn't have too much of an impact but we were looking forward to it being opened.

The only other was that there were some passengers who were a bit irritating. For the first couple of days there was a group of senior people who would go to the family pools and yell at kids for just swimming and making any sort of a splash. I finally got fed up and told them to go to the "adult" pool, at the stern, if kids bothered them so much. They said they didn't like that pool as much and just wanted a quiet pool to relax. Over the blaring rock music I yelled; "You call this quiet?"

So if that's all I have to complain about then it must have been a pretty good cruise and it was.

I'll write a full review for the Reader Review section but this is the quick and dirty.

BTW: Nachi Cocum on Cozumel was an Excellent beach day and well worth the price. The kids and the adults all loved it.

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