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Originally Posted by Tlingit Eagle View Post
I absolutely agree with you Thoth. But I'm really so thoroughly tired of allowing them to infringe in my personal space, I've become completely intolerant at times. Hence the back scratching with the longest finger....

I've raised 5 beautiful women with the most gracious manners.

I have a difficult time disregarding rude people. They should know their behavior is unacceptable.

Although, on vacation, especially a cruise where people aren't always moving with purpose on their way somewhere, you can often spot suspect mannerisms and dodge to the other side of the Lido deck before having to encounter them. You just have to remain somewhat vigil so as not to be surprised by them.
Oh don't feel bad. I too have my weak moments where someone will get under my skin. The way people drive !!. "get off my bumper...I'm going the posted speed limit ".
A major pet peeve is the touch which means "MOVE". In my world we say "excuse me please". Then again there are those who seem oblivious to an egress-way. I'll quietly zigzag around them.
No doubt your 5 daughters are all young ladies. That's great to hear.
Someday I fear I will become that old fogey who speaks ill of all younger people. :evil: I'm 47...not yet !
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