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Originally Posted by Thoth View Post
Oh don't feel bad. I too have my weak moments where someone will get under my skin. The way people drive !!. "get off my bumper...I'm going the posted speed limit ".
A major pet peeve is the touch which means "MOVE". In my world we say "excuse me please". Then again there are those who seem oblivious to an egress-way. I'll quietly zigzag around them.
No doubt your 5 daughters are all young ladies. That's great to hear.
Someday I fear I will become that old fogey who speaks ill of all younger people. :evil: I'm 47...not yet !
Thoth, I'm 47 also. I'm already the crabby old lady. Heaven help a whole lot of people if I'm ever issued a cane.!

Ohhh, the touch! Imagine being 5'3" and a woman. You not only get the touch, but they will put their hands on your shoulders while staring in the far distance over your head! Like you are a safety cone that can be rotated out of the way!!
Well, I don't know if they are young ladies when not with me. They are all over 20. I do know that they are impeccable in my presence.
It would be impossible to raise 5 girls all stepping stones and allow bad behaviors.
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