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Default more on norovirus and cruiseships

I just returned from the May 30th/June 9th Sea Princess cruise to Alaska from San francisco. It was not a good cruise, (in fact I have cruised many times and this ranks as the worst). I see several comments on the responsibility of the cruise line when one of it's ships comes down with the norovirus. We all know that it really comes down to the almighty dollar but I do think that when management has advanced knowledge of a contagious health threatening condition aboard, they have a responsibility to notify pending passengers so that these people can make an informed decision on whether they wish to expose themselves and their families or be given a chance to re-book. You just don't try to sweep it under the rug until after the vessel has sailed. While this might cause a loss of some immediate profit, what does management think passengers that were put in such situation are going to tell their friends, co-workers etc. After my experience on this ship, I have doubts that I will ever sail Princess again. I was very sick despite all the precautions and heavy hand washing I did. I missed ports, I missed shows, I missed meals, yet all of this was prepaid for. I received a large medical bill for treatment of this virus. Surely the bad PR that tends to remain for a very long time after such an incident, would eventually outweigh the initial financial loss of letting passengers rebook.
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