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Angry Complain

Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Why should the passengers not complain?

OOOPS, somehow people missed the quotation I was responding to. I was not talking about complaining about norovirus, I was talking about complaining about PRECAUTIONS against noro.

The previous message advocated strict precautionary measures, including no self service in the buffet and other things that are an inconvenience. And I noted, "And Oh boy will the passengers complain!" This is based on our personal experience on cruises where those precautions have been in effect. I have sat at a table in the buffet with a woman who complained loud and long that those little paper packets of salt were no good and she insisted on salt shakers on the table. She insulted the crew member who tried to explain to her that it was a sanitary precaution.

Many passengers complain, aboard the ship and on the boards, when they are not allowed to serve themselves at the buffet. Many complain that the hand sanitizer dries their hands. Many complain at not being able to refill their water bottles in the buffet. Any slight inconvenience, even though it is a medical precaution, meets with loud protests from quite a group of passengers.

So the cruise ships are caught in the middle, between passengers demanding more precautions and those who demand more freedom.

On our last HAL cruise, extra precautions were in effect the first two days of the cruise, every cruise. HAL says they have reduced noro by 60% by doing this. However, the assignment of extra servers to the buffet had a noticeable effect on dining rooms service and resulted in unhappy pax in the dining room.

'Tiz a puzzlement.

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