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Talking Choices in the MDR

Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Not ever on Holland America, or most lines. The only place I ever recall being restricted was in a specialty restaurant on Celebrity, where each course was layed out with specific choices. HOWEVER, even there, if there was something I didn't care for, I have no doubt they would have happily replaced it.

In fact most of the time in the main dining rooms, the wait staff will start off by telling you to please tell them if something is unsatisfactory.
I have never had a negative experience on HAL. I have never had a waiter refuse any request I made. The Pinnicale Grill, and other specialty dining rooms, serve a limited menu so they can do it exquisitely well. I am not quite sure why anybody would request something "off the menu" at the PG.

The only thing I will say is that these days they are not generous about offering extra servings of lobster as they used to be.

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