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Well, on the other hand we did have service issues on the Zuiderdam. We finally got to cruise with friends who were HAL devotees. Much to his chagrin,and, our surprise, we had problems with our waitstaff in the dr, as well as less then stellar food.

It seemed the waiter and his assistant were having issues, and unfortunately for us, it showed, in our service. On top of that with the food issues, and a table placement that was quite awkward for the staff,and the people seated at that end of the table, our best dinner was in the Pinnacle.

I was curious if our HAL loving friends would still defend the "service" we had or admit to what for just not up to HAL standards.They were flumoxed,and disappointed ...Thaey had many HAL sailings under their belts, that was our first. So, ship does happen

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