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Thanks everyone!

Well, I think it may have just been the server. My husband kept requesting the first table to the left near the host stand because he doesn't care where we sit, and in and out with little fanfare weaving in and out of tables is better.
I'm sure there's a pecking order with the staff, so my server, on an outside near the kitchen table, may have been really low on the pecking order. He may not have had priority in the kitchen.

DH and I are ecclectic foodies. We love finding a traditional taqueria or an independent burger joint as much as a 4 star entree. It's really the individual dishes. So, we can enjoy dinner as much in the MDR as in the PG. And we find the PG is highly over-rated. I think the PG is really only impressive in presentation.

I think this is where my question came about. When at dinner, if I have an exceptional side, and the entree is so so, I'd like to try another entree. At PG, this was looked upon with shock! "Sorry Ma'am, but you have received your selection." There was nothing wrong with it, except that I could have made it with a hot skillet in my bathroom. I suppose if I get really picky and embellish, I can get another entree. But, who wants to do that? It was fine, just not great.

We are trying Le Cirque for the first time on this next cruise. I haven't read anything terribly good about it. I'm sure it's going to be the same so so food and a fancier presentation. But, our guests traveling with us aren't Foodies, so I'm sure it will be a treat for them.

I fear I've ruined myself to food :-) DH asked the other day what we are going to do now that we have made excellent food common to us.

Oh, and the lobster. I've heard of people who are terribly happy that they can order more than one (one friend at 5!) but, I'm not into it. I've only had lobster cooked perfectly once. I suppose that night, I can actually try everything else on the menu :o!
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