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Default Update on my "FREE" cruise.

As promised, the Free Cruise Certificate came in the mail on Friday. However, the person on the phone told me that I would be dealing directly with the cruise line after paying the registration fees. That is not what I got.

What they did send me was a certificate that says I am eligible for a 3, 4, 5, or 7 day cruise for 2. The accommodations are an inside cabin and upgrades may be available at an additional cost. All I have to do now is send them another $75 reservation fee (which is refundable so it says) within 30 days of the certificate date. I was supposed to get free airfare too. Guess they forgot about that.

Anyway... with this additional $75, we invested a total of $313 for our "FREE" cruise for 2.

My wife and I are thinking about the 7 day Caribbean cruise in January of 2012. They offer an East or West Caribbean cruise. If anyone has suggestions on which is best, I would be grateful. Iím also trying to figure out which cruise line to take (Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc). Suggestions welcome!

Iíll keep you posted.
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