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Unhappy Maitre d'

Originally Posted by Trip View Post
For a cruise line that has always touted wonderful service, I am surprised that any issue with a dish not to ones liking, was handled as you explained.

You should'nt feel you cannot express your dislike with any dish served to you, and if you get a hint of it happening, express your concerns with the maitre d' can be sure it won't happen again.

Have a great cruise.
Well, now I will admit that is one of the problems I have found with HAL lately. Supervision used to be HAL's strong point. But these days the Headwaiters are sometimes hard to find, and at other times actually serving tables, presumably to make up for shortcomings of the waiter. In times past, if something was not quite right, simply glancing around at the headwaiter usually brought immediate correction. No longer. It is my feeling that with automatic tipping, supervision becomes critical, and the shortcomings of the service are primarily due to improper training and supervision.

On the issue of entrees, I did not realize that the OP was talking about the Pinnacle Grill. Of course, there, the policy
you can order extra appetizers and sides but only one entree for the one surcharge. 'ASSuming' the entree is prepared and served properly and there is nothing clearly wrong with it, that is what you have selected and another will call for an additional charge.
is a very reasonable one. The situation in PG is very different from the MDR. It IS a restaurant with a limited menu and if you choose to dine there, especially repeatedly, IMAO you have to accept that fact.

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