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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
On the issue of entrees, I did not realize that the OP was talking about the Pinnacle Grill. Of course, there, the policy
is a very reasonable one. The situation in PG is very different from the MDR. It IS a restaurant with a limited menu and if you choose to dine there, especially repeatedly, IMAO you have to accept that fact.
Ok, the OP is still here with ears (Umm, eyes) open.
And, I never responded to, or disagreed with Sail7seas.

@ Sail7seas- Thanks! That will help! I wasn't offered the opportunity to pay again to reorder. I would hope the servers think it would be crass to offer, but I wish they had. The surcharge is nothing compared to what you would spend on a land based restaurant, so additional funds would be fair and acceptable to be able to order again. Many times, I've got a 50/50 going with items I want on the menu, and flip a coin. Unfortunately, as my luck goes, I lose 98% of 50/50 bets :o.

@ MercedMike- It wasn't just the PG. And I'm not complaining, altho it may seem to be worded that way. I just wanted to know what I can and can't expect to be able to do. I worked for restaurants for many years thru college, and I'm in utter amazement that the crews can serve hot, made to order, somewhat gourmet meals to 1800+ people in less than 3 hours. But, at the same time, we passengers have thousands of dollars invested in 7 days of pleasure, and if I order chicken that is underseasoned, altho perfectly cooked, I'd like to be able to change my mind.

On that note- I'm definitely not one of those people who book a cruise and expect for my $$ that my every whim should be catered to. I've observed people like that on my adventures, and I'm sure the crew must endure that every day. So, maybe I wasn't being clear enough in my intentions to them, and maybe they were prematurely ready to push back. Oh, and I wasn't able to order additional sides or appetizers. But, really, that was OK because the amuse bouche was wonderful!

Ok, armed with information I will 1) make my DH suffer through me pushing for a good table away from the kitchen doors in the MDR. 2) When requesting something additional at PG, I will volunteer that additional cost is fine.

I started this primarily because it seemed that portions were being rationed, and I felt a bit embarrassed when denied. A bit like Oliver Twist asking for more!
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