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Not exactly a tip, as I've not pursued a roommie, but not closed to the idea. I make it a point to look at the section and I find it crazy to see people dig deep into the archives, don't look at the posting date, yet answer the post like it was current.
Some postings are nice and clear as to what they are seeking, others just say nothing.
Then, there is the one time poster, never to be heard from again, nor even bothered to get on line again. This happened to me once. I'm the nosey type, go to the stats area to find things out, how many posts and what the posts say.
For those who have not discovered this section, just click on the user name, it's interesting.
Anyway, for those who have made a connection, it would be polite to let us know with a follow up post. Us inquiring minds want to know.
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