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A man called Marius Mihaescu (he's in charge of the hiring) called me from one the ships. It was a lot of fun talking to him, he was really laid back and friendly. He even let a little "and sh*t" slip during the conversation. I didn't actually get into the interview part, since he first took his time to explain that the position was no longer what was listed on their website (it will be updated soon). Instead of being geared towards shooting/editing, it is now mostly just technical, (repairing/setting up AV equipment, etc.). I am not very interested in such a technical position, so we didn't proceed into what he called the interview, 20 questions (technical, I assume) of which it would be necessary to answer 15 or so correct. I am not sure what else would be involved. What I can say is that it was very enjoyable and easy to talk with him. He even mentioned that if at any point in the future I became interested, I should contact him. In his own words, "we're always here". I sent him a thank you letter and that was it.
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