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Yes, 7, hubby may have 2 portions of the scallops or lamb, or whatever he wants. We don't eat alot during the day, nothing in between our 3 meals, but usually indulge at dinner. No bread, just an appetizer, entree, desert, and usually only taste (1 bite) of the veggies--more room for the meat/fish (for him). Sometimes, if the appetizer is good (scallops, escargot, etc..., he will get two of them instead). As I said, we've been there, done that, know what to expect and usually, it is good (except for those 2 cruises I've mentioned) and we order accordingly.
I find I've only gained a pound or so on, and immediately lose it when we get back home. Hubby is underweight anyway, so he can afford to gain some.
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