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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Sorry I thought this thread was re new smoking policy.

You will never stop people smoking. Someone said it is not illegal; btw neither is drinking yourself into an early grave but the cruiselines have not adopted a policy of prohibition. Smoking is being restricted to fewer areas because of the well documented effects of passive smoking .... and maybe a few lawsuits.

Anyway, I wonder if the cruiselines have investigated the feasibility/profitability say of 1 in 4 cruises being either 100% smoking or 100% non-smoking.

I am a confirmed non-smoker for the simple reason I could not afford both vices - travelling and smoking. but smoke also gets up my nose/in my eyes.

Speaking for myself, I spend less on a cruise because they allow smoking in the casinos.

Another factor that may have played a part is reduced costs. For example, cleaning of cabins will take less time, especially between cruises as a deep cleaning won't be required. This might mean fewer room stewards will be needed. Less damage to furniture from burns caused by cigarettes. Plus carpets, bed linens and mattresses will last longer due to no damage from cigarettes (eg. burns).
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