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Default NCL Star to Alaska Disaster

I will include in this post a copy of the letter that I faxed to NCL fax # 305-436-4108 on June the 1st 2011.

Attention Customer Relations

Ship name: Star
Sailing Date: May 21st 2011
State room: 5133
Reservation #: 19217471

My wife was not allowed to board the NCL Star because she is a Mexican citizen and did not have a Canadian visa.
When I purchased the tickets I was asked from what country our passports were from and then I was instructed to type in the passport numbers. After typing in that my wife’s passport was from Mexico, why was I not asked to type in her Canadian visa number? Why was I not sent an email informing me that she needed a Canadian visa? Instead we were just turned away at the cruise port along with many others that were uninformed that a Canadian visa was needed.

The lady that was there checking people’s documentation could not have been more rude if she tried. She had short hair and was probably in her mid-50’s. She told me right in front of my wife and many other people that were waiting in line to board the ship “Sir, you can go on the cruise, but your wife will have to stay behind in Seattle.” My wife then began to cry. She actually cried for 3 days. I asked this lady if I could speak with her supervisor and she returned with security. I could not believe how we were being treated.

I spoke with the concierge and he told me this happens every week. How can a huge company like NCL not have a proper procedure for informing people that they need a Canadian visa? This really blows my mind. Our vacation was ruined. We love cruising on NCL and this was to be our first trip to Alaska.

I am seeking full compensation of money spent on airfare to Seattle and the cruise itself. Money spent was approximately $3,000. Please allow me this amount in compensation for a future NCL cruise and I will consider this issue resolved. This is your chance for damage control. Please do the right thing. The internet is a powerful tool. I will be eagerly awaiting your response.

At this point, 15 days later, I have still not received a response. I feel ripped off and I will not let up until this matter is taken care of.

I will add that my wife has a U.S. Visa and we flew into Vancouver around 2 years ago and there were no issues. I understand that this is a fairly new policy, but how can a huge company like NCL allow something like this to happen?

I was emailed several spa promotions amongst other things from NCL and so was my wife, but not one email that said the Mexican citizen will need a Canadian passport. I know this happens on every cruise. You should have seen all the children and families crying after NCL crushed their vacation.

To top it off. I have received another email from NCL asking how I enjoyed my cruise. I am sure that one is automated, but geez.

Please, if you are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen and you are cruising to Alaska then get yourself a Canadian visa. I don't wish what happened to my wife and I upon anyone.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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