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Originally Posted by You View Post
So Princess has banned smoking in and on the verandas. As a non smoker I can see the cabins but I think itís unfair that you canít some on you balcony. Just like New York you will be ticketed if you smoke in the park and I know they want to implement it in Time Square as well. If this continues they need to just make it illegal to smoke and stop making million on the taxes of the sale of cigarettes. Like I said Iím not a smoker and donít like being around it but itís not illegal to smoke. Maybe the ship's shouldn't sell them either.
As a side note I smell something else more often than I smell cigarettes
There seem to be two issues here.

>> 1. Smoke easily blows from one balcony to the next, so smoking on a balcony can make life very unpleasant for non-smokers in the next cabin who want to use their balcony at the same time.

>> 2. A few years ago, MV Star Princess had a bad fire (photos) that took out over half of the balcones on her port side, forcing early termination of a cruise and cancellation of several more. At the time, investigators identified improper discarding of smoking matierals as one possible source of ignition. If passengers throw hot matches or cigarette butts that are not fully extinguished overboard, the wind can blow them back into a vessel and start a fire like this.

In consideration of both of other passengers and safety of the vessel, every cruise line should forbid smoking on balconies.

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