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Default Is there a rule regarding discussing whom we booked with?

I mentioned it once in passing, but I have been using vouchers to book cruises which are sold on ebay, overstock, and some other sites on auction.

Its a way to get cruises often less than half the cost, though you do have to jump thru some hoops. I posted a thread on another site, and a TA at first tried to say it was a scam and when he realized it wasnt, he wrote to all the cruiselines to complain that he couldnt do it too.

I tried to find a list of hosts on this site to private message them, but cant seem to see a list of hosts to contact privately.

It isnt for everyone, so Id like to point out the pros and cons of booking this way, so TAs on here are not feeling threatened. Iv completed 2 thru them and have 6 more booked, so Im pretty familiar with the good and the bad.

Is this a subject allowed to be openly discussed or is it hushed up like on CruiseCritic? I dont want to be banned. I read the FAQs of this site and cant find rules for what is allowed as a subject on this site.
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