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It isnt for everyone, so Id like to point out the pros and cons of booking this way, so TAs on here are not feeling threatened. Iv completed 2 thru them and have 6 more booked, so Im pretty familiar with the good and the bad.
I'd like it if you can email or PM me the specifics with specific details on prices you paid, and prices of on what you have booked for the future.

That way I can do some research and compare exact sailings dates and prices available.

If in fact, it works as you say, and is less expensive, then it will make for an interesting article. AND I'd like to get a reaction from the cruise lines who have set their own flat pricing policies, which would mean they are allowing someone, aside from Travel Agents, to circumvent their own rules.

It wouldn't surprise me if they were, and it would certainly make for fun article for me to write.
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