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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
I pick places that allow smoking in the rooms. As with cruise ships there are choices.

FYI I love Carnival, and will not say bad things about them, as they have been good to us, as we have to them. I do not say bad things about people who want smoking banned on cruise ships, or anywhere else.

It's kind of funny, that smoking was banned on airlines, and then fat people were charged more for being bigger than people thought they should be. Yes, I am glad there is no smoking on planes. but I am not on there for 7 days, so it is different.

Boy is that going to be a good thread, when Carnival decides that Fat people need to be charged more.

Have a great cruise everyone.
You can compare the two. Airlines charge overweight people that need two seats. It's like you bring 25 suitcases on a cruise and need an extra cabin to store your stuff.

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