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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
This is way less than half the advertised lowest fare in all cases but one. These are way less than group fares. The prices are for 2 people in a cabin, including all taxes and fees. Thats why TAs are reacting all over the place and why Im treading lightly, when they see what the prices really are. These are lower than any group prices, and in some cases do not cover the NCFs and taxes and fees.
Many times a TA or agency will secure space 1 year or more in advance and at much lower fares than current group space may have.....Without knowing when the agency booked space on a ship you are not comparing apples to apples at all. Again, the key is to find a TA that has lower priced group rates and you very well may have found the source to find those TA's. Many TA's will quote a "cruise fare" (which is really all you can shop for since the NCF and taxes should be the same if booking "cruise only" w/out air) to capture the attention of a potential clients and later the client will find out that not included in that rate were the NCF, taxes and fee's !
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