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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
I don't think its fare to judge the merits of a non-smoking cruise on a single isolated ship. Who knows how well it was pubilcized? Was the sailing during a peak season or low demand season?

While i would love the thought of a non-smoking cruise, I would not be inclined to book a cruise solely on the dangling carrot of a non-smoking ship.

On the other board, someone made a statemetn to the effect of "we all know where the smokers are going now' and the statement was yet to be qualified or explained. So, I'll ask here .... where does a smoker go if they want the flexibility to smoke on a cruise?

To those of you who smoke, is this smoking policy enough for to cancel your pending cruises or change your loyalty to HAL, Princess, or Carnival?
Queen said "a non-smoking cruise on a single isolated ship". Queen, this wasn't an isolated ship's cruise. It was the Carnival Paradise sailing out of California and it was offered for a couple of years.
They tried it and it didn't work. Why? IMHO, it was because families and groups wouldn't book. If one person smoked, the whole group would move to a different cruise.
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