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Morning Donna and to all of those that follow

I don't usually post on the morning thread, but heck, it's never too late to start right??

Sorry to say this Donna but it's all sun here in my little part of Ontario and supposed to be getting up to feeling like 31 with the humidex later on this afternoon.
I was up early this morning to start making my "famous" (by the men's standards anyways) 3 layer salad and after I'm done that one I'm making potato salad. We are having a combined Father's Day, brother-in-law, and nephew's birthday celebrations BBQ tomorrow at my niece's house.
It's always a great time when all the family get together!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Comet Cruiser
p.s. You might just happen to notice by my ticker at the bottom that we are going on our very FIRST Carnival cruise in September....a bit nervous about straying from RCL.......don't tell them ok?? haha!

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