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Good afternoon all.

Got 2/3rds of the lawn done prior to the predicted thunder boomers arrived. I arranged the cut that all that is visible from the road is cut and just what I refer to as "the South forty" remains which, weather cooperating, I'll get done within a half hour.

I'm mad at myself for spraying the last of the weedkiller when I did. It's supposed to remain dry for at least two hours before rain and all I achieved was an hour and a half. We'll see but I'm getting some more concentrate anyway so.........

Also Comet Cruiser, allow me to add my welcome to this little segment of the internet world. We're quite a family here with any dysfunctionality (think me) which may appear every now and again as adding legitimacy!

Prayers for all on the list and a request for Blessings for everyone!

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