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Not only did I see with my own eyes a family of 8 crying with all their luggage sitting there on the curb in front of the port, but also, the taxi driver that took us to the airport to go to Vegas saw my wife crying a little (Yes, I ended up flying to Vegas from Seattle when I should have been on my cruise to Alaska). He asked what was wrong and we told him what happened and he said he sees it every week. I really don't have any reason to lie about this.

I'm glad that some of the people here are a lot more vacation savvy then i am. Congratulations on that. I could not be more proud of you. However, when you take a vacation in North America from start to finish you just don't think you need a Canadian visa and I never thought to even check. Especially since my wife and I had visited Vancouver just 2 years prior. Yes, my bad. But, when NCL is sending me out spa promotions, perhaps they could have sent me one special email that said "The Mexican passenger will need a Canadian visa." That is all.
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