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Originally Posted by FirstCoastCruiser View Post
Mwh27, Iím sorry to hear about your cruise being ruined. Pursuing further though, even with an attorney, is probably going to get you nothing more than an apology letter. It makes sense to us consumers that NCL should notify every single passenger what specific documents would be required but from a business and legal standpoint, that is impossible for them to do. Documentation requirements are based on the passengerís country of citizenship, country of residence (if different), country of departure and all countries visited during the cruise. There is no way any travel operator, cruise line or otherwise, would take on the responsibility of obtaining and communicating that information as well as any changes that may occur from the time of booking until the time of sailing to all passengers. Yes, they will provide basic guidance but cover themselves with the disclosure that it is the passengerís responsibility to verify all documentation requirements. As hard as it is to walk away and chalk it up to a lesson learned, itís probably the best thing to do as in the end, NCL has no legal obligation.

Was this your first cruise? How did Vegas turn out? I can only imagine how devastating it was to be turned away but hope you both were able to recover from the cruise fiasco and enjoy yourselves a bit in Vegas before returning home.

Wishing you the best next time (if there is one)
It would have been my 3rd cruise and the 2nd on NCL.

Vegas was Vegas. I've been there 4 times now in the last year. I was really looking forward to Alaska. I am not going to get an attorney as that would cost more then I want from NCL in future cruise credit.

I live in Puerto Vallarta and i am in the tourism industry and speak with 1000's of tourists every year. I will talk several people out of choosing NCL in the future until I feel even or I get bored. That will be the best punishment I can deliver to NCL. For every cruiser that chooses a different line i will get satisfaction.

I will probably cruise NCL again, but I'm just a bit pissed off right now and i have a lot of free time on my hands.
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