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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Just back & tired...all fine but had the 'Flu!!
I wish cruise lines would either drop the dress codes or uphold them, I was told if I didn't wear a jacket on "semi -formal" nights I could eat in the buffet but was only allowed in the outside bars, I was sick on a couple of these nights so didn't venture out BUT my wife did & there were plenty of people who were allowed in the MDR & bars/venues. I bought a jacket ashore in order to comply but others were allowed to go where they liked some just in T shirts, I find this annoying...sad? maybe, but if I gotta do it so should everyone else, as far as I am concerned if I have to wear a jacket & nobody else is required to it's personal discrimination in a way!
Hi John

As you know from other forums we went on Azura in March

I found the dress code very strange when it came to semi formal, you could wear an open neck shirt and as long as you carried a jacket over your arm you could use the MDR ect.

Pointless rules the other strange thing was the gratuities we managed to change to flexible dinning much better service but you could still stop the gratuities yep the empty restaurant on the last night syndrome

Lets see if I can post a picture

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