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Wow Venice, that's hot for so early! I would like to share some of our rain with you if you would share some of your heat/sunshine with us! It certainly feels like 40 straight days of rain and cold, and it looks like we are in for another week of it. :|

Father's day was quiet around here. It rained of course, in fact, a spectacular thunder and lightning show. Then the sun came out briefly and just when we were ready to go outside, it got dark and rained again.

Today I am spending the morning at the Ship Hector where I am sure many tourists will want to come in out of the rain and look around. The ship itself will probably be closed because of the rain, but the museum is an interesting place to spend an hour or so.

This afternoon, I will begin my last week of after-school program, and believe me, I am counting the last 5 days! Looking forward to having a week off next week before I start my new, full-time job...

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