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Hi Kids,
My southernmost and northern most pals Venice & Rd start out daily weather report, and for us, a beautiful day today, low 80's and 70's this week. I hope my day is better than it began..Knocked my cuppa tea over and the vacumn cleaner as well!

Big news here over the weekend was, Adam Sandler was in our town filming a movie, They turned a car repair place, until recently owned by my son's brother in law, into a hot tub business, with a big bunch of hot tubs for sail,and a big sign with a phony business name. They also used a 50 style motel close by as well. They were looking for xtras and my Nikki had to work, so she was not a happy camper

Today a trip to the library, and, a few more stops,and that's my day.

Make it a good one.


Trip, with her book & tea!
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