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Good morning all!

Thunder boomer after thunder boomer all night long and throughout the morning. As John Travolta sang in "Grease," "It's electrifyin'!"

I love it when folks say that during a thunder storm you should have everything plugged into a surge protector should lightning strike your home. I just look at them and say, "I hope that surge protector is about the size of a house." Whenever lightning is nearby, I just shut her down and unplug. I'm thinking of just putting one large surge protector down alongside the breaker box because there are so many electronics in homes today.

Have get to a meeting this afternoon so best get on with the housework.

Hope everyone has a marvelous week and just think, Venice, what is was like in your neck of the woods prior to A/C. You'd have probably stayed in the Hudson Valley!

Love you too Luanne and tell Jim I'm always thinking of him and praying for his safety.

Prayers continue as of course do Blessings.

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