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Venice, you write in a manner that it appears you're not nearly as old as I. I thought you were gettin' close. Hell buddy, NOBODY had airconditioning when I was a kid except maybe the movie!

B/W, just this morning I went down the basement to the closets in what was formerly the den and wherein Fran had put two suits, one of which was a really good one dress suit (it's a $450 back then Peter Pulitzer that I remember getting at Marshall's in '94 in Poughkeepsie for $110) that I wore the night of my big retirement party in '96. When Fran died, I couldn't get the jacket even two thirds of the way around me. This morning, it fit me as a glove! the other one, just a winter business suit which was way too tight even back then, also fit!!! I'm down an additional ten pounds since I saw you and the kids in Pigeon Forge.

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