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Originally Posted by travelgalSue View Post
B/W, Todd & LuAnne how are you guys losing all that weight? I think I have found all you guys have lost! Really I'm happy for you just jealous.
Everyone have a good day.
Sue I am finally starting to feel almost 100% after my surgeries in August and October. The muscle strength has returned to my legs, where they cut into it to lengthen my achilles tendons. I have new muscles working now that were never used before, due to the deformity and how it affected the way I walked. So with that being said... I feel good. I am not in pain, I have lots of energy and I am so thankful... oh and I can wear pretty shoes hehehe.

So if I can wear pretty shoes... then I must have pretty clothes to go with them... and clothes are much prettier when a smaller body is wearing them... so the pounds are coming off one way or the other.

Exercise is fun now and not torture. The pain is gone YAY!

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