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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
I can understand that smokers mostly feel this way but what about the people sitting on their balconies trying to read & have to put up with the smoke all the time or the smelly rooms that lots of had to put up with because of heavy smokers the previous cruise? It's obvious that Princess made the decision based on the numerous requests of their customers and although there will be some perople like yourselves who switch cruise lines, their will be many more who have left in the past who will return since Princess will have just about the strictest smoking policy of the major cruise lines.
With the additional people moving over to HAL from Princess, it won't be long before they force the balcony smoking ban there also.
Yes I agree that any private corp has the right to make their own rules. I suppose we will have to wait and see if this was a wise move for Princess. I also think that most non-smoking cruisers are okay with smoking on balconies but a minority group of non-smokers seem to scream the loudest and we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

I do feel sorry for the crew that smoke, I am sure this will be hard on them. It will be hard to give up the wonderful perks I get from Princess but I have enjoyed HAL in the past so it will be like seeing an old friend.
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