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it's $20 a year for get a signed CD, picture,poster...if the artist plays in your area, you get a break on the ticket price, meet and hang out with the artist either before/after the concert...get discounts for items (teeshirts, hats) on their website etc..but the best part it's much like cruisemates, you get to hang out on a chat board with like minded folks and we tailgate & bbq and fellowship at the summer outdoor jazz festivals (that's alot of fun)

I never figured at my age (50+), I would be a dues paying member of a jazz musicians fan club but going on the full charter smooth jazz cruises has changed my on the cruise, on the night your artist performs in the main showroom, you get reserved front row center seats and when they are scheduled for the midnight jam session (in a room that holds 450 cruisers when the ship has 3000+) you are able to get in..that's a big perk
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