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Default Celebration Cruise lines (Bahama Celebration)

I will never go on this ship again. This is my story and thought I would share it with you. The green part is my email to the company, The second part (in dark blue below was her respond to me then never heard from her again even though I did write back a second time)

To Whom It May Concern:

I was on the Celebration cruise the weekend of Saturday May 21st, 2011- Monday May 23rd, 2011. The morning we arrived back in Palm Beach (Monday May 23rd) I was packing my suitcase in my cabin (3212). As I was packing I decided to pack my Ipod docking station (white) with my Ipod connected to it (blue ipod) on the top of my suitcase so I decided to wait till the end to add it in my suitcase. I finished packing and left the cabin and got off the ship. Later that day when I unpacked at home I realized that my Ipod docking station and ipod were missing.

The next day May 24th I called your customer service dept and reported my missing items. I spoke to Angela, who took all my information and said it would take 3-4 days to find out if the items had been returned. On Friday May 27th, I called Angela back she said she had not heard from the lost and found dept and that the women in charge of the lost and found dept was on vacation because of Memorial Day. So I agreed to call next week which I decided to wait one more day and called today Wednesday June 1st.

On June 1st I spoke to Tammy. Tammy notified me that nothing had been returned. I am now getting very upset at this situation, because as I mentioned above we are talking about an IPOD station with an IPOD attached to it not a small ring or necklace and on top of the fact that this was in my cabin 1 hour before I got off the ship it was not lost during the cruise and in a public place it was in my cabin on the day we got off the ship.

The only person that could of gone in the cabin was the cabin steward. I am appalled that a Cruise line who is trying to get their name out of the gutter and compete with other cruise lines for customers would even consider hiring anything less than reputable employees.

I know that the director of housekeeping knows exactly who the cabin steward was that was assigned to my cabin that weekend. I would think that he would call him in the office and talk to him.

In either case. I will be taking this matter further. I would appreciate if you could please give me the email address of whom I can address this issue to and get results. If I do not hear from anyone in this company within 3 days. I will go ahead and go on every travelsite I can find (including cruise critic, cruise addicts, cruisemates etc etc. )and review this ship as terrible and give an accounting of what happened to me. I will also call the local paper and TV stations here in West Palm Beach and see if anyone will take my story, which I am sure that someone will.

Just so you know, it is not even for the IPOD station nor the actual IPOD but the years it took me to collect and create the playlists on that IPOD, and also for the principle that good people no longer exist.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dear Sir/’Madam,

We are in receipt of your email below.

At first my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I have checked not only the lost and found log and boxes I have also gone back to the ship to do a search of the crew members cabin that was your attendant and unfortunately nothing has been found.

Thank you.
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