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Default Different occurrence

Originally Posted by nlb1050 View Post
Henry, I just read the final report on another site that stated that the Bermuda officials were able to determine that it was actually a drug deal gone bad, that the passenger was trying to buy drugs and ended up in a bit of a fight and since he did not want to press charges and no other person had seen what was going on no charges to be filed against anyone.
This was a 49 year old resident of Boston ,MA .He was doing a walking tour and was on his way back to his cruise ship .He saw a guy walking in his direction and assumed nothing .As the guy approached him he knocked the tourist to the ground and grabbed his wallet . While on the ground the tourist grabbed the guy by his expletive deleted and pulled him down to the ground .They were both punching each other and the mugger was able to get away.The tourist reported the incident to ship security as well as to a Homeland Security Officer .The latter contacted the Bermudian Police .They took his statement and based on a physical description determined that the mugger was someone they were searching for as he had been preying on tourists .
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