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Ok I have to put my two cents in here. To imply that a cook or food server will do something bad to your food if you sent it back for whatever reason is really unfair. There are thousands of server and cook that would never dream of doing something like this. Yes, there are a handful of people that would but it’s no different than saying every cop is crooked or every teacher is lazy there’s a few bad apples in every profession.

I have been in the food business for over thirty years and take major offence that people really think that little of a cook and food servers. Restaurant workers are some of the hardest workers in the work force and most of the time are not given the respect they deserve. I have waited tables and have been subject to being treated as a second class citizen by some arrogant costumer because I was just a waitress, little did they know I have more money than most of them and only waited table to make a little extra cash for nice vacations or to just get out of the house. So if you unhappy with your meal send it back without the fear that the cook or server doing something to it, it’s very unlikely that would happen.
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