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The thing that gets me is that Older NCL ships have the BEST bathrooms I have ever seen...

You walk in to the sink area. To your left is a sliding door and inside is the toilet, to your right is another sliding door and inside is the shower. No one can see (or hear) you when you are in either the shower or the toilet.

Now - I know MOST cruise bathrooms are configured like Breakaway, so I am holding it to a higher standard, but only because I know NCL can make the best bathrooms at sea when they want.

This is an OK design for a bathroom, it is roomy with plenty of storage, but I really expected them to go back to the 3-room bath design, because it seems logical that was what many NCL guests were used to - and that is possibly one reason why they disliked the Epic bathrooms soo much.

I just don't understand the decision making at NCL anymore. Colin Veitch made a lot of mistakes, but I always thought his ideas were good ones - meaning the Hawaii ships, project America, etc. They just didn't work, but they could have succeded wildly under slightly different circumstances.

But now it just seems that NCL plows ahead - wasting money where they can't make it back, for example - why have the best entertainment at sea, as on Norwegian Epic, but make it so complicated to see the shows because the venues are too small? They have to have four or five performances of Blue Man Group just to make sure everyone gets to see it. On most ships two runs of any one show is enough.

Same with their Dueling Piano and Second City shows - GREAT entertainment, but the showroom is so small they have to close the doors when it reaches capacity.

This means that if you don't have a reservation you might miss one of the best shows entirely, and at the least you will have to wait a long time to get - after all the people with reservations have been seated.

Is there any other ship where every show requires a reservation? Not that I know of...
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