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I don't think the MDR's on the ships I have been on are ''foodie heaven'', I think they are OK. I think the staff are not great experts just people trained to perform tasks, I think they do get abused & ill-treated by some which MAY cause SOME to resent SOME passengers & behave in a less than satisfactory way perhaps. To be honest I have never had a waiter ask why something remained unfinished, they often ask if it was OK & everyone just says ''yes fine''. On Uk ships I would say it would be considered most unusual to order more than one dish, I have only once been offered an extra portion & never asked for one. Maybe this is an "English" thing. Sorry but I believe that staff will do things to the food of those who they think have upset them, they work for months on end & there may be a cumulative effect of minor complaints. I believe this, & unpalatable as it may be to food professionals it is possibly naive to think this doesn't happen.
You can send your dinners back to be reheated or re cooked & I won't, it is nothing to do with English reserve, just playing safe!!
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