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I think that even if you are in a US port such as Key West and you make a cell phone call from the ship you still can incur roaming charges. I was told it picks up the ships satellite, you have to actually make the call off the ship to not incur roaming fees. I have never made a call from the ship and told friends and family I will have my phone off. If there is an emergency they have the number of the cruise line who then can contact me. Wow I feel sorry for the $1,000 texting bill, ouch!
The ships "satelite" should be turned off while in port..Expecially a us port. I know that for sure. My AT&T phone will read "celular at sea" when the ships service is turned on. Once the ship docks at a port or a US port, the ships service is turned off.

Its possible that your cell carrier dosent offer "local" service in Key west, that may be cause of roaming charge. But the charge wont come from the ship as long as its docked.

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