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Originally Posted by cruisegirl7 View Post
hi there... i am having a very difficult time locating a cruise mate on your site....the postings are not in chronological order...and are all mixed in with bloggers, silly stories etc. I think you should have a category that is strictly for cabin mate searches....with categories of, an example... transatlantic.... mediterranean.....carribean, etc. I find that the site is more of bloggers, questions, sharing stories.. and not really targeting toward single cruissers who want to share cabins???? just a suggesiton! :-)
I am a happily married WF and would love to book a 7-night Caribbean cruise this summer. I agree it's kinda hard to maneuver through, but thought I'd just throw that out there. If you're interested I'll send more info. I take it that you are a female, right?

Originally Posted by EasyHG View Post
I've never met a match here to my surprise despite this being a cruise website. I did meet cruisemates on other dating sites where I advertised for a cruisemate. The people I met werre cruise veterans compared to me who is newbie. (This was a regular dating site, not for cruisemates)

My advice would be to talk on the phone and get to know each other. Both times the people I met were from another state and the first time we physically met was the first day of the cruise. We exchanged pics and spoke on the phone 6 or 7 times over a 3 week period getting to know one another. That made things so much easier.
Were the websites you used all DATING websites or is there another option out there for people just looking for someone to share a cabin with?
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