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Originally Posted by snorkeler View Post
Where did you list it on CL? I've used it quite a bit for selling and buying things, but never for meeting people. If I don't see salt water soon (other than that from my aquarium, I'm gonna go NUTS!!!!! Anyway, did you list it under something like WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN? That seems a bit dicey to me. It sounds like yours turned out ok, and I'm willing to give it a try, but I need to know what category to list.
It was over a year ago, but I went to the site today to re-fresh my memory. First off, I'm a male. I believe I posted in miscellaneous romance, (male or female can reply to you). There are all kinds of different catagories to post in. Just be specific in what you are looking for and not looking for. You would probably be better off in women seeking women.

At the end of the day, it does not matter where you post, dicey, conservative, whatever.....You get your replies to your ad, you pick out who seems normal and for real. It's like a company who places and ad in the paper, most resumes you will toss in the garbage, but you are only looking for one person and that's all you need.

Being this is a cruise site I was very surprised I did not find a match here. But I like reading this board. There is a lot of useful info here.

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