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Talking Anytime

Originally Posted by KDGodwin View Post
Oh, I see! Thanks!

I have only cruised with Carnival before, and there was no "anytime" dining. If I change to that, where do they seat you? Are you seated with another group that comes at the same time, or alone? Someone I work with told me they got a private table each night with "anytime".

We enjoy meeting new people, but would rather see the same faces each night. (assuming we like them and vice versa)
Anytime dining is like restaurant dining. You walk up to the headwaiter and ask for what you want. If you go at the busiest times and insist on a table for two with a particular waiter, you will likely have a long wait. If you go at a less busy time and are willing to share with any size table you usually breeze right in. There is also supposedly a "reservation" system but we have rarely had any luck with that. They book all the reservations they will take very early on.

Honestly, a table for two usually bores us. We enjoy the conversation with tablemates. In anytime, you don't get the same table mates every night, which can be unfortunate or can be a blessing! Conversation tends to be, "Where are you from?", "Is this your first cruise?", "See you around goodbye." But you miss out on the risk of getting stuck with some horrible bore or worse obscene slob for the whole week.

If you are really really particular, make reservations for the week the minute you walk on the ship and you can probably get what you want.

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